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Just for Agents


9am - 4pm

Lights Camera, Marketing

Headshot & Meet the Team


  • List all of the exciting benefits your customer will get if they purchase this tier.

  • What networking and learning opportunities are available to them at the conference?

  • What parts of the conference can they access?

  • Do they have access to any recorded programming?

  • What are their food, transportation, and accommodation options?

 Monday December, 5th

6:30 PM-7:45 PM

The Breath Within You

Join us as we experience the magic of breath!

Free Virtual Webinar

  • When using the breath, in a continuous, intentional way we have the ability to access deeper states of healing by getting into the subconscious mind to release stuck emotions, traumas and energy that has been suppressed so we can feel, heal and truly gain the freedom that we desire.

  • 30-45 minutes gifted to yourself where you will learn the techniques you can incorporate yourself into your day-to-day life. Michelle will guide you through using the breath to allow yourself to relax the nervous system, bring awareness back into the body & let go of the things you are carrying that are not serving you.